Resume Database for Current Kellogg Students

The Kellogg current-student resume database is available to help you identify students whose backgrounds best fit the requirements of the position you are seeking to fill. The resume database becomes available in August for second-year students and in November for first-year students.

Recruiters can find, e-mail and keep notes on candidates through the database, which makes it an ideal pre-screening tool for use in preparing invitation lists for closed interviews. Some companies also use the database when they would like to target students directly for specific openings.

  • Click here to order the Class of 2017 Full Time and/or Class of 2018 Internship Resume Databases

Kellogg Alumni Resume Database

This database of more than 700 candidates enables you to identify and recruit experienced Kellogg talent in one centralized location. Employers can search for candidates by geography, function, industry, language skills, key words and more. Easily find candidates that match your search criteria. Review resumes online or print them for your records. New resumes and profiles are posted every day.

 (The Kellogg resume databases are for online use only. We no longer offer hard-copy books.)


Pricing and Availability
Current Students Availability Price
Second-Year and First-Year set Mid-August / Late October


Second-Year Only Mid-August


First-Year Only Late October


Alumni Availability Price
12-Month License Any time


Current Students & Alumni Availability Price
Second-Year, First-Year and Alumni Mid-August / Late October / Any time



Once your order has been approved and you have received your username and password (and the database is available), use the link(s) below to access the database.

Kellogg Resume Database Online Access (for approved orders only)
Second-Year Resumes (Class of 2017) - Available now
First-Year Resumes (Class of 2018) - Available Mid-October